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We Deliver Anywhere in SF!
Via h&r, DoorDash or Postmates



Thank you for ordering from harvest & rowe.   We deliver individual meals or 10- person salad bowls, sandwiches, soup tureens or picnic lunches.  And it’s always a good idea to add our homemade chocolate chip cookies.  We bake them fresh every day. 

We deliver anything from the menu, individually packaged or plattered for groups.   You can always email us with questions at, call the café (best before 11:30 or after 1:30), or simply order online.  Here are some FAQ’s to get you started. 



Q: How do I order?  Should I order through your web site or through Postmates? 


A: Our website provides for both individual and catering-size orders that can be picked up or delivered within a 3 block radius of the café.  Large orders that are planned in advance can be accommodated.  


The app-based Postmates courier service will deliver our food to you anywhere in San Francisco for a $4.99 flat fee.  Anywhere.  So that is a great option. 



Q:  What soups will you have on the day of my group order?


A: Please call us to inquire about specific soups we will have on the day of your order. With advance notice, we can make any of your favorites.   



Q: I have a special diet. What's in your food? 


A: We are specifically familiar with celiac and gluten intolerances and are happy to share our complete ingredient list.  Most of our soups are gluten free by design and many are vegan. You are more than welcome to ask for any clarification and we will provide you with the choices among our healthy offering that are compatible with your special diet.  



Q: How much advance notice is required?


A: For individual orders, use our harvest & rowe web site to order, select “pick up”, and your food will be at the front counter within a 30 minutes and frequently faster.


For catering orders, 24 hour notice guarantees delivery.  For orders of over 50 people, 48 hours is preferred.  


We often accommodate same-day and last-minute orders, so do call us if you find yourself in a pinch.  



Q: What is your cancellation policy? 


A: 24 hours.   If a large order is cancelled by 8 am on the day of delivery, we will refund half in the form of a gift certificate applicable to a future order.



Q: How do I pay for an online order? 


A: You can pay by credit card online, credit card or cash at the café upon pick-up.  Postmates processes payments directly on their app. 



Q:  What is your minimum order for pick up or delivery? 


A: We don’t have a minumum!  We charge a flat $10 delivery fee.  And Postmates charges a flat $4.99 to deliver ANYWHERE in San Francisco.  It’s a deal.  So if that warm chocolate chip cookie is calling your name and you are chained to your desk, it will find you with a click or two.  In-store pickup is free, of course.



Q: Have another question? 


A:  Please email us with any more questions!


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